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Exodus – Learning to be Free

The Need for Spiritual Freedom (Ex. 1:1-14)I Have Come Down to Rescue Them (Ex. 3:1-12)Unleavened Bread (Ex. 13:3-10)With the Staff of God in My Hands (Ex. 14:10-22, 17:8-13)Enough For That Day (Ex. 16:1-13)You Cannot Handle it Alone (Ex. 18:13-27)God Spoke All These Words (Ex. 20:1-17)Little by Little (Ex. 13:27-30)Exactly Like the Pattern I Will Show …

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Romans – Trained to Follow Jesus

The Obedience of Faith (Romans 1:1-15) God’s Kindness Leads Toward Repentance (Romans 2:1-4) God Does Not Show Favoritism (Romans 2:5-6) By the Spirit (Romans 2:17-29) The Faithfulness of God (Romans 3:1-2) Conscious of Sin (Romans 3:9-20) A Righteousness from God (Romans 3:21-31) Credited As Righteous (Romans 4:1-8) A Sign of Righteousness by Faith (Romans 4:9-12) …

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Christmas Eve messages

They Will Call Him Immanuel – Angel coming to Joseph  (first-person) I am the Light of the world    Out of Egypt I Called My Son  We Have Come to Worship Him  God so Loved the World  Now that I have Held Him in My Arms – Simeon  (first-person) Company of the Heavenly Host – Leader …

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