Exodus – Learning to be Free

The Need for Spiritual Freedom (Ex. 1:1-14)
I Have Come Down to Rescue Them (Ex. 3:1-12)
Unleavened Bread (Ex. 13:3-10)
With the Staff of God in My Hands (Ex. 14:10-22, 17:8-13)
Enough For That Day (Ex. 16:1-13)
You Cannot Handle it Alone (Ex. 18:13-27)
God Spoke All These Words (Ex. 20:1-17)
Little by Little (Ex. 13:27-30)
Exactly Like the Pattern I Will Show You (Ex. 25:1-9)
Make Us God’s Who Will Go Before Us (Ex. 32:1-8)
Show Me Your Glory (Ex. 33:12-34:8)
Out of Eygpt I Called My Son (Christmas Eve)