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Gifts of God

Blessed Is the Man Whose Help Is the Lord (Psalm 146) I Will Give You Rest (Matt. 11.28) My Peace I Give You (John 14:27) Give Me an Undivided Heart …

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All the Lord’s Good Promises (Joshua 21:43-45) Meditate Day and Night (Joshua 1:1-9) Give Him No Rest (Isaiah 62) The Lord is My Banner (Ex. 17:8-16) Train Up a Child …

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Gospel of Mark

Distressed Because of Dinner Guests (Mark 6:14-29)Work and Rest (Mark 6:30-34)Their Hearts Were Hardened (Mark 6:45-52)People Recognized Jesus (Mark 6:53-56)For Such a Reply (Mark 7:24-30)Be Opened (Mark 7:31-37)The Yeast of …

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Wisdom for Life

For Attaining Wisdom and Discipline (Prov. 1:1-3)The Fear of the Lord (Prov. 9:10)Making Amends for Sin (Proverbs 14:9) Gossip Separates Close Friends (Proverbs 16:28) PDF files mentioned:


Your People will be My People, and Your God My God (Ruth 1)Blessed by the Man Who Took Notice (Ruth 2)I Will Do For You All You Ask (Ruth 3)Kinsman …

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All Authority (Matt 28:16-20) Make Disciples (Matt 28:16-20) Disciples of All Nations (Matt 28:16-20) Good News to All Creation (Mark 16:15-20) Baptizing Them (Matt 28:16-20) Teaching Them to Obey All …

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