Gratitude for the Journey

As I reach my 70th birthday, it seems to me appropriate to give thanks to God for my journey thus far.

That journey began in my nineteenth year, when this former atheist laid down every other dream to follow Jesus Christ. Since then, I have found the Lord to be most generous and gentle. I can say that from the first moment of faith, I have never felt entirely alone or unloved. Though I have not once given him the quality of love and faithfulness he deserves, his faithfulness to me has been unwavering. Despite what I might think I want for myself, he has never lost sight of what he wants for me.

I have known him for 51 years. While he has filled my life with people and work that I love, he, himself, is still why I want to get up each morning. He is my God and my Friend, and am very, very grateful.

3 thoughts on “Gratitude for the Journey”

  1. Barbara Smith

    Happy Birthday — Your journey with the Lord has comforted and challenged mine. I am grateful for the gifts HE has given you and you so generously share.

  2. Happy 70th! The Lord has used you and Micki to bless with love, hope and understanding many people along the way. What you have planted on God’s behalf grows and blooms and bears His fruit.

  3. Betty McIlvaine

    Happy birthday Glenn. Thank you for your teaching of God’s Word – it is life changing. Grace to you.

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